The tenement house at 39 Maksymiliana Jackowskiego street is an example of secessionist architecture.
In 1901 a notable Poznan-based German architect Oscar Hoffmann built it for himself.
Here he worked and designed – his workshop was based on the first floor of the frontal part of the tenement. He was the first of the generation of architects that developed Poznań in the time between centuries and the first proponent of secessional forms in the city. Many renowned projects came from his workshop and his style is characterised by a high quality of production and care for architectural detail.

In 2012 the company Dom Hoffmana sp. z o.o. bought the tenement house at 39 Maksymiliana Jackowskiego street, and took on as a goal to recover its old greatness and give it a new character.

Considering the need to preserve the historical and artistic value of the tenement house, we undertook cooperation with architects, who in agreement with the Historic Preservation Officer  worked on a plan of modernisation.

In 2014 we started with thorough renovations, the first stage of which is adapting the attic. In the Summer of 2015, we will have 5 modern apartments with a completely new wiring and sanitary and gas fittings ready. All apartments will be connected to the Internet and TV antennae, as well as finished and furnished. The project will allow us to offer comfortable, modern, well-furnished apartments for lease, all the while retaining the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of a historic building. Work progress and renovation photos can be found in the Polish section of our site.
We offer the following apartments to let:

Two-room apartment (1 bedroom, 1 kitchen annexe)

Two-room apartment (2 bedrooms, separate kitchen)

Two-room apartment (2 bedrooms, separate kitchen)

Three-room apartment (2 bedrooms, 1 room with kitchen annexe)

Studio/one-room apartment

Considering the close proximity of Universities, we would like to offer apartments for lease to students, Polish as well as foreign.

We have experience in leasing apartments to ERASMUS programme participants arriving in Poznań. We help deal with all formal issues tied to living in Poznań

We present an opinion, written by our Spanish students.

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